Portraits for people elegant as whippets, resilient as a rescues....

Pet Portraits by Luisa Nino

You know someone who loves their pet.
You know their family wouldn't be complete without it.
A portrait is a gift beyond "just a thing",
it's a demonstration of loving the person
who LOVES their pet and recognizing them
as their best friend, as family, and support system.

Delight them!

Signing a pet portrait
Books about dogs
Work in progress

A bespoke pet portrait says:
"I love you and I recognize the love you have for your pet,
I understand your dog is your family. "

This means a lot to us animal lovers.

About Luisa

Yes, sorry, this is a selfie...

I’m Luisa, an artist living in Montreal Canada.

If you invite me to a get-together and there is an animal present you might find me conversing with it instead of with my fellow humans. Can’t help it. They don’t do small talk.

I started doing pet portraits almost by chance when someone asked me for a portrait to give as a gift.
The day I delivered that portrait was the day I knew what having a rewarding job meant. They couldn’t hide their delight and this made me understand what it means to make a tiny difference in someone’s day.

I want to draw your pet or your loved one’s pet.

My style is modern, with a lot of white space around so the portrait can be displayed unobtrusively in your home regardless of your decor.

Visit the gallery, I have several options from highly detailed portraits to fun scribbly illustrations.

Either way, a dog always looks good in a portrait.

Take your pick...

Pencil Dog Zine

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A monthly digital foldable zine with dog sketches made by me. You can submit your dog!

Visit the sketchbook

Peruse the Sketchbook and journal
Where I write about posts where I talk about life as an artist, my dog Boris and a bit about the childfree life.

Are you ready to honor the love of animals? Are you looking for the perfect gift for a dog mom or dog dad?