Face the cold, on my own

In motion always.
Monoprints and Wax Pastels, 2020

Figure reaching out

The Democratic Technique.
With a simple glass pane or a gel press, brush and paper, working with our hands is the ultimate reward.

Drawing takes a new meaning when combined with the quick workflow of monoprinting. Its inexact line, the wabi-sabi feeling, the subtle colours, whether acrylic or ink, beauty emerges after each pull.

Hold that thought

Hold the Thought


Monoprints and crayons.
Thoughtful and calm, occasionally rushed.

Wishing to be part of a narrative.

Screen life.
Zoom entered our everyday and we are looking at each other through screen and distance

Zoom Calls, acrylic ink and paint

Monoprints and Collage.
Once the pull is made, the possibilities take hold. It’s a game of composition, of scraps, of little people trying to exist on paper at the very least.